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    The Academy provides blended learning which provides a combination of online and in-house training in a supportive environment.
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    Hypnosis is a very deep state relaxation which gives access the subconscious mind and allows lasting life changes to be
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Current Students

Your journey, online and face to face.

We are here to help and support your journey as you become a professional clinical hypnotherapist. We are here to support you as you develop your new skills and as part of the Diploma and Advanced Diploma courses we continue to guide as you build your practice. The Academy encourages you to ask questions prior to joining the course as well as during the course. 

Go to Student Centre to access other areas for your study – lectures, downloads and other relevant information. 


Future Students

The challenge worth taking

'Do you have a passion to help people, to assist them in leading happy, stress-free lives?
As a skilled clinical hypnotherapist, you will acquire a comprehensive set of skills that will enable you to help your clients overcome issues and lead them towards a brighter future. Hypnotherapy allows people to deal with unwanted habits and overcome problems from the past.    As you study with us you learn...  read more...


Time to move your practice ahead

Here is your link to undertake ongoing education. Doing it online allows you choose when and where you study.

Add to your existing skills to further increase your practice or upgrade your hypnotherapy qualifications.    read more...


If you’ve always wanted to learn hypnosis or become a clinical hypnotherapist, NOW is the time.

You can learn hypnosis or how to use self hypnosis to improve in just about anything, including  performing better in sports, better memory, controlling pain, shedding excess weight – unlimit yourself!  Or, you can learn hypnotherapy to help others. 

Hypnosis for weight loss
Hypnosis for anxiety, destructive habits like smoking and hypnosis for weight loss are just three of a very long list. There are so many areas in which people find hypnosis helpful with hypnosis for weight loss being one of the most popular.

Hypnosis for you
You can book sessions at the academy clinic and experience the difference hypnotherapy can make to your life.

- Free Introduction to Hypnosis Course
This is a free course for those interested in hypnosis and clinical hypnotherapy. It is designed to teach you very basic techniques and the associated safeguards.

If you have been considering how to turn your desire to help people into a vocation, hypnotherapy is a rewarding profession in which you can help people and make a good living.  The Academy provides your training and supports you as you establish your practice. 

If you’re an existing health professional (and rural and remote) who wants to learn hypnosis or learn hypnotherapy we have specialised training for you. The Academy is accredited by professional associations such as the Royal Australian Society of General Practitioners, Counsellors and Psychotherapists Association (NSW), and the Australian Society of Social Workers as a provider of continuing education for their members.

- Longest Established
The Academy of Applied Hypnosis has been teaching hypnotherapy since 1983. For over 30 years students have come to learn hypnosis, self hypnosis, or to learn hypnotherapy and become a clinical hypnotherapist.

- Most Experienced
Mr Leon W. Cowen  is arguably the most experienced clinical hypnotherapist is Australia. With over 40 years clinical experience and over 30 years lecturing at the Academy and various universities his research and educational contribution to the profession are immense.

- First to gain approval
The Academy of Applied Hypnosis was the first hypnotherapy teaching institution to have courses government approved and continues to establish the benchmark in hypnotherapy training.

- The most advanced
The Academy has the most advanced hypnotherapy course in Australia.

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A Rewarding New Career
Wanting to change professions or upgrade your existing skills? Now is the time to become a clinical hypnotherapist or add clinical hypnotherapy.  read more...

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Continuing Professional Development (CPD)
Including Rural and Remote
Mini Lecture Series Information

Duration: 1 hour approximately (inclusive of listening to the audio lectures and performing any required learning activities).
Cost: $27.00. All Mini Series Lectures are the same cost
Duration of enrollment:  90 days, i.e. you will have 90 days from the date of enrollment to complete the mini lecture.

1       CPDHTCON Concepts of Hypnoanalysis  Login  How to Login

The purpose of this lecture is to provide participants with a basic understanding of the concepts of hypnoanalysis.  The hypnoanalytical techniques provide the tools to allow the clinical hypnotherapist to access the client's deeper levels of mind. Therapy can be faster and more effective when these techniques are employed.

The hypnoanalytical techniques are Progression, Regression, Automatic Writing, Ideomotor Questioning, and Dream Therapy (PRAID).

This unit provides the basic concepts that underpin the learning objectives in the following mini-workshop series:
CPDHT1P Progression;
CPDHT1R Regression;
CPDHT2DT Dream Therapy;
CPDHT1AW Automatic Writing; and
CPDHT2IQ Ideomotor Questioning

It is therefore recommended, that CPDHT1CON be undertaken prior to any of the above mentioned lectures as it is designed to enhance the learning you gain from them.


2      CPDHT1P Progression   Login  How to Login

The purpose of this mini lecture is to provide participants with the knowledge and skills to understand the use of Progression as a hypnoanalytical technique in a therapeutic environment.

Using Progression within the clinical setting allows you to deal with clients who have a future perspective. When a client makes a statement like:
"I know I'll be OK in the future" or
"It'll be OK when I'm older" or
"As soon as I leave the job/relationship it'll be fine"
you will have the perfect technique to assist.


3       CPDHT1R Regression   Login  How to Login

The purpose of this lecture is to provide participants with the knowledge and skills to understand the use of Regression as a hypnoanalytical technique in a therapeutic environment.

Using Regression within the clinical setting allows the therapist to deal with clients who dwell in the past. It provides the tools to help clients understand their traumatic incidents. Therapeutically this can be very beneficial however CAUTION must be used.

Incorrect use of this technique can re-traumatise clients.

A powerful technique that needs to be used wisely.

4    CPDHT1AW  Automatic Writing    Login  How to Login (see below)

Automatic Writing (also known as Automatic Drawing) is a simple technique which has immense potency within the therapy room. It can be used to help uncover the cause of an issue or to resolve the issue itself.

This powerful technique is especially useful with clients who like to write or draw.

An understanding of Automatic Writing is a great inclusion in your "skills" tool kit.

5       CPDHT2IQ Ideomotor Questioning   Login  How to Login

Ideomotor Questioning is one of the most direct and effective techniques to bring about change in your client. It is so versatile it can be used to fund the cause of an issue, resolve it and make behavioural changes.

The purpose of this mini lecture is to provide participants with an understanding of how to use Ideomotor Questioning as an analytical tool, for symptom removal or to improved/institute a desired behaviour.



6         CPDHT2DT Dream Therapy   Login  How to Login

The purpose of this mini lecture is to provide participants with the knowledge and skills to understand the use of Dream Therapy as a hypnoanalytical technique in a therapeutic environment.

Biologically everybody dreams and an understanding of this technique allows the clinical hypnotherapist to use this everyday occurrence for clinical gain.

This technique gives the clinical hypnotherapist a mechanism by which they can use the dream state as a clinical intervention mechanism to uncover and resolve their client’s issues.


7         CPDTAG1HEC Hypnotic Empty Chair   Login  How to Login

The Hypnotic Empty Chair (HEC) has been developed from the well known psychotherapy technique Gestalt Empty Chair.

HEC is incredibly useful for clients who want to understand why they are behaving is a particular way. Using the HEC can give the clincial hypnotherapist a foundation on which to use other hypnoanalytical techniques such as PRAID (Progression, Regression, Automatic Writing or Dream Therapy).

When the HEC is used the clinical hypnotherapist can customise suggestions to meet their clients exact needs.

This is a must have in your toolbox of techniques.

The purpose of this mini workshop is to provide participants with the knowledge and skills to understand usage of Hypnotic Empty Chair in a therapeutic environment.


8       CPDHT1WUF Warming Up Feelings    Login  How to Login  

Feelings are an integral link to past events. When clients describe traumatic events they always contain feelings. Following the client’s feelings can be a shortcut to finding the cause of the issue and helping the client heal.

The purpose of this mini lecture is to provide participants with a basic theoretical understanding of engaging the client’s feelings for clinical hypnotherapy in general and for the application of hypnoanalytical techniques in particular.



              How to Login

To gain access to the course you need to:

1.      Go to our online educational platform called Moodle
2.      Create a new account (or log in if you have an account)
3.      Self enrol into this course
If you need assistance you can contact the Academy on
(02) 9415 6500 or by 
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The Academy hopes you enjoy the course and provides a certificate of completion if you choose to complete the assessment. You will need to contact the Academy and request the certificate.